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The London Security Company offering reliable Security Services, Event Security, Crowd Safety & Control, Security Reception Service and Manned Security Guarding across London, Kent, Essex, and Surrey. London Security Services have been established for over 14 years. We aim to serve our Clients bespoke security services with integrity and professionalism. We pride ourselves on our professionalism and ability to meet our client’s requirements with a first-class service.


We are one of the top Security Companies in the UK provide 1st class security and protection services. Here at, London Security Services, we offer professional, reliable and cost-effective Security Services such as Manned guarding, Night Security Guards, Building site Security, Retail security personnel, car parks security, Access Control and Door Supervision services to Businesses, Local Government Authorities, and other Organisations across London, Surrey, Kent and the rest of the Home Counties at competitive rates.


All security requirements differ; from security guards to alarm response, we look at individual needs rather than off the shelf security services. To do this we carry out a comprehensive “risk assessment” of individual requirements. We then look at “tailoring” a security service specifically for your needs, utilising “our best practices”.

“Are you aware of an event/commercial building/an office that could use our services? Please let us know. We would get in touch with them and reward you with a £100 Voucher if they hire us”

London Security Services has both the Managerial capacity and professional competence to deliver high levels of site security management to meet individual Clients needs, expectations and overall satisfaction. London Security Services; is a leading Security Services provider for the protection of life, properties and facilities across London and the Home Counties. The Security Company was built on a combined Management experience of over 15 years from its founding Directors’, hence the Company is able to practically and professionally manage any Security assignment, either on a short or long-term basis.


Whether working on a Building and Construction site, or on an Office Block, or even on a Care and specialist Home, London Security officer’s main objective is to protect Clients lives and properties and the prevention of loss through fire, water, waste, theft and vandalism. Our Control Room is manned 24/7 and with Management Supervision available over this period.


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Our Specialities:

Manned Guarding Service Door Supervision Service Event Security and Crowd Control Service
Concierge Security Service Building & Construction Sites Security Service Banks / Government/Local Authority Buildings
Corporate Security Service Retail Shops Security Service VIP Security Protection Service


In a 2016 report by the UK Guardian [], the losses incurred by retail businesses as a result of theft hit an all-time high of £613 million. It is obvious that security is a concern for many businesses as huge losses have also been reported across other industries. Not only that, close-protection-security-service is a necessity for certain high profile individuals and the only way to stay safe in this scenario is to hire security guards


London Security Company is one of the Best Security Companies in London!

For straightforward security services in London, you should choose a company with experience and resources. No matter how big or small your operations are, we can supply the manpower you need. We believe in recruiting and retaining high-quality guards. Because we value our clients greatly, we take all precautions to safeguard their employees and property. By so doing, our services subsequently translate to brand improvement and a customer-centric image.


Whether you are looking for close protection guards, door supervisors, or regular security guards in London, we can help you get the contracted personnel that will suit your needs. All our security guards are vetted and qualified to work. But most importantly, they are trained and will fit in perfectly into your organization no matter your business model. Give us a call today and we will be happy to provide a quote or any information required to assist you in making a choice.




Why Security Services in London is a #1 Priority

Many small businesses in the UK are presented with the issue of thefts and other crimes occurring in their premises. Some outfits like retail stores, banks and shops are more of a target for petty thieves and criminals. The need for security guards in these types of businesses is of paramount importance. In hospitals, nightclubs, train stations and so on, security guards can help prevent crime while assisting customers and employees. If you are a business owner, you should evaluate the benefits of hiring a vetted security guard by estimating the loss that could be incurred if you don’t!

The question you have to ask yourself is whether or not your business is secure. Using security guards in London and other cities in the UK, premises will offer a lot of benefits such as:


Peace of mind

The presence of a security guard at your premises can offer a sense of security and peace of mind to both your customers and employees. People who work in high-risk operations are less productive and harder to retain if they have to worry about their personal safety while at work. With a security guard, your customers will also feel safe knowing that you are concerned about their security. It shows that you are ready to take steps to ensure that they are protected from crime while in your office. This may be especially important for companies that handle high-end merchandise or are located in high-crime areas.


Prevent and deter crime

By just having a security guard present, you can help deter criminals. Before a crime is typically carried out, criminals will typically scout the area and assess the risk involved. When they see a security guard present, they will think twice about targeting the business. Skilled guards are trained to look out for suspicious characters and behaviour. They can evaluate a situation and act accordingly to secure any breach. Even when you have a CCTV camera, a guard is much more effective as a visual deterrent than any electronic surveillance system. Basically, having a security guard present sends a message that you have a 0% tolerance for crime.



Security guards can also double as customer service ambassadors. A trained guard can man a front desk while also acting as security personnel and managing access to your premises. If there is a lot of interaction with guards, London Security Services will provide you with guards that are trained in handling security and customer-facing duties. All of our guards can help with basic tasks like directing people to find products or getting from one location to the next. Our guards will also be available as escorts for customers and employees who need assistance getting to their cars when it is dark. Hiring guards who offer personal services like this show your customers that you are customer-oriented.


Active response to crime

With a trained security guard, you can receive different levels of protection. When it comes to an active response to a crime, our guards are fully trained and know what is required of them during and after an incident. In some cases, they may only be in a position to take down the details of the incident and contact the police. On other occasions, they can detain a suspect if unarmed. Hiring a trained and licensed guard from LONDON SECURITY SERVICES will ensure that you get an experienced security personnel who will behave capably and sensibly when a crime occurs.


Monitor your security surveillance system

Not all contracted security personnel will spend all their time on active patrols of your business premises. Some of our security staff can monitor your video surveillance, check for contraband, verify credentials, or restrict access to certain areas. London Security Services do not only provide only security guards in London who have specific skills and can use these skills to protect your business. No matter the goals you have – whether it’s watching for shoplifters, keeping an eye out for intruders, or protecting your premises from unruly behaviour – we have you covered. Guards that carry out monitoring duties take on a lot of responsibilities allowing your employees to focus on other important duties.