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Manned Guarding Security Services

London Security Services provides bespoke manned guarding services for the Corporate, Commercial, Retail and Construction sectors. We are the Security Company of choice for a lot of companies in London and the nearby counties because they can trust us to work with them to come up with the best solution. All assignments start with a detailed on-site survey. That way we fully understand the needs and requirements of each and every one of our clients.

Depending on your requirement, our vastly and fully vetted security guards can also help you control access by making sure only authorised visitors are allowed into your premises. Furthermore, our Security personnels have been trained to react quickly when resolving any crime, fire or security associated incidents in real-time.

We supply Manned Guarding across London, Mayfair, Oxford Street, Regent Street, Holborn, Watford, Surrey, Croydon, Guildford, Bromley, Hounslow, Finchley, Golders Green, Barking, and Reading.


Guard & Patrol Services

Patrols are an important aspect of manned guarding. Our Security Guards will be able to prove evidence of doing so by making recordings on the Log book. All patrols must be recorded in the Log Book, with details of start and finish time, areas covered, and incidents or events observed. Patrols must be varied, however, in terms of route to avoid predictability. Other times, where applicable, we can install patrol guard monitors which records periods/times of patrol and which can be printed out and forwarded to Contact person as evidence of patrol. This aspect though depends on sites where Widescope Security is exclusively in charge. Guards are also usually provided with a Torchlight to aid visibility at nights.


Log Book & Recordings

Log Books are an important piece of Security Guarding. It is expected that Security officers will endeavour at all times to keep them clean and tidy. Logbook entries are to be made in neat and legible writing and more importantly, in good simple English. Both our Managers and Supervisors are expected to check log books and sign to indicate time, date and evidence of frequent site visits. The importance of the requirement for Security officers to provide full and accurate records of all occurrences cannot be overemphasised, as Log Books recordings are consulted and scrutinised seriously in the event of serious incidents. As well as recording incidents, the Log Book also plays another important role of depicting the quality of our services to the Client, hence we strongly ensure that our Guards are not just well trained, but are with the good level of education.


Check calls and Control Room:

Another important aspect of our Security services is the maintaining of a Control room, which is manned by Security Supervisors on a 24/7 basis. Our Security personnel are expected to book on to control on arrival on site and make regular check calls on hourly basis to assure Supervisor that they are on site and are making the necessary patrols. Where Security officers fail to make check calls, the Controller will alert Night Patrol Officers to check them out to know what may have prevented them from doing so. Check calls are a vital means of demonstrating that Security officers are at their place of work, in addition to monitoring their safety and welfare. The security Company regards failure to make check calls as a serious offence that can attract written warnings where no serious evidence of trouble had occurred.


Supervision and Management Visit:

At Skyguard Security, we do not send security personnel to go to work and forget them there. We place much emphasis on supervision to ensure effective and efficient execution of assignments. This we do by providing back up services to both Clients and staff. Management and Supervisors visits sites regularly without notice to take note of eventualities, emergencies, and often, to talk to Clients about developments that will need addressing to for work improvements. Of course, these visits are exclusive of the mandatory night visits by Supervisors.


Guards Handover to Clients:

At the close of every assignment, our Security officers will usually handover to a Client representative. The Handover exercise, is intended to be a time where the Guard will inform the Client representative of any incident (s) that may have occurred on the site in their absence, as well as

(1) Any risk development likely to occur on their site;

(2) Any indication or suspicion that problems may occur as a result of events noticed or experienced;

(3) Any special events or visits to site e.g. by delivery people;

(4) All messages recorded and hand over of all keys or equipment left to the care of the Security officer.


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